I'll break writer's block for you immediately and forever.

Which is what I've been doing for professional and beginning writers alike for more than 20 years now. 

I've never lost anyone yet. And you won't be the first.

Here's what celebrated mystery novelist Lawrence Block has to say:

Jerry Mundis is the drug of choice for writer's block. If you want to get off your ass and onto the page, he can make it happen.”

                                        - Lawrence Block
                                           Edgar Award winner
                                           Grand Master Award winner
                                           Mystery Writers of America

And New York Times bestelling author Judith McNaught:    

“Jerry Mundis really can break writer's block forever. That's just what he did for me, ending my own extreme, 15-year-long struggle with it in a single, wonderful afternoon. No one and nothing else had ever been able to help—but Jerry could, and did. With wisdom, humor, gentleness, compassion, and an insight into block that is simply extraordinary, he not only ended my case of writer's block in one day but also restored my love of my craft.

“Like many of Jerry's published clients, I'd prefer to remain anonymous, but my conscience won't let me. Jerry is too good, and writer's block is too terrible to endure needlessly. Whether you're published or not, if you have writer's block, can't seem to get started, keep going, or finish, then working with Jerry's system could very well be the best single investment you could ever make in your career.”

                                       - Judith McNaught

                                          Author of Night Whispers
                                          and Nine Other New York Times  



Jerry Mundis
~Author of 40 books~
Book-of-the-Month Club
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Selections, and More

You Don't Have to Lose a Single Day
to Writer's Block
 Ever Again 

The audio seminar I'm offering here contains every concept and technique I teach in a private one-on-one session in my studio in New York City.  

It is three full hours in MP3 format.  

It was recorded live with me in seminar teaching my system to an audience of nearly 100 beginning and professional writers at the celebrated Maple Woods Writers & Readers Conference in Kansas City, MO. 

Join me, and you won't ever fear or be victimized by writer's block again.

I promise. (Only because I know I can deliver on the promise.) 

“Jerry, the block I had when I came to see you eighteen months ago is definitely gone. My novel is almost done. I am grateful to you for giving me the tools that I needed. Thank you again. You are a great teacher, with a gift of clarity and of gentleness and insight.”

                                       - Judy Collins
                                          Grammy Award winner
                                          Singer, Songwriter, Author

Join me and I'll put writer's block behind you forever. In any of its six forms:

                           •   Paralysis

•   Avoidance behavior

•   Last-minute crisis writing

•   Inability to finish

•   Inability to select from among projects

•   Block-specific (particular project)

“Jerry has the map to the netherworld of a writer's anxieties and doubts. He works as a guide, teaching you how to recognize and cope with the dangers. The result is a reliable professionalism that enables one to work steadily whatever one's emotional landscape may happen to be at the time.

                                        - Suzannah Lessard
                                           Former Staff Writer for the New Yorker
                                           Author of The Architect of Desire

“If you do what Jerry says—which is easy—you'll finish whatever you want to finish. And you'll stop hating yourself.” 

                                        - Charles M. Young
                                           Contributor to Rolling Stone,
the Atlantic
                                           and Other Magazines

This system works. No matter who you are or what your life is like.

It has worked for a Pulitzer Prize winner and a National Book Award winner. For veteran novelists and nonfiction writers. For beginners. For playwrights, poets, and screenwriters. For public speakers, university professors, and psychotherapists. For magazine writers, attorneys, and graduate students.

It has worked for meit's how I have been able to get my own many books and other work written over the years, and how I continue to, every writing day.  

And it has worked for a real-estate salesman, an architect, a housewife, an actress, a surgeon, a man for whom English was a second language, and a grandmother who wanted to write her memoirs for her family.

It Will Work
for You 

“For thirty years I had struggled with my resistance to writing. Jerry knew every reason why and communicated with me clearly, effectively, and with kindness. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The first month after meeting Jerry I finished a piece I had been struggling with for over a year. And I enjoyed it! A year and a half later, I finished, and sold, my first book. I have received a new skill, a new career, and a new way of seeing myself.”

                                       - James Michael McMahon, Ph.D.
                                          Author of The Price of Wisdom

“My problem with writer's block was so severe that I had come to believe I would have to leave academia because of it. But Jerry demystified both the writing process and my struggle with it, and provided me with a clear path I could follow to achieve my goals. He literally changed my life.

                                       - Ellen Hyman-Browne, J.D., LL.M.
                                          Associate Professor of Law
                                          CUNY Law School at Queens, NY 


This Is the Only System for
Breaking Writer's Block
 Ever Created
 Lifelong Professional Writer

I'm the author of  40 novels and nonfiction books. Among my publishers are Bantam, Atheneum, Arbor House, Delacorte, Warner, Jove, Pocket Books, and New American Library.

My books have been selected by every major book club in the country and translated into a dozen foreign languages.

My short stories, essays, and articles have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, American Heritage, Harper's Weekly, New York Magazine, and the
 Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

And Guaranteed


You can't publish if you can't get your work written.

I guarantee that you can get it written.

I guarantee it unconditionally.


If you suffer from writer's block in any of its forms—from paralysis to avoidance behavior to last-minute crisis writing or an inability to finish—I can eliminate it for you forever. 

Just give me—and yourself—one afternoon.

“I was able to adapt Jerry’s techniques to my life and personality so that these practical foolproof methods are now intrinsic to my writing routine. I never worry about being blocked anymore.”

                                       - Victoria Moran
                                          Author of Creating a Charmed Life,
                                          Lit from Within, Shelter for the Spirit
                                          and Other Books

“After years of agonizing over unfinished manuscripts and late assignments, I equated writing with pure suffering. Now, because of Jerry, I find the process easy, exciting, and even fun. This system is nothing short of miraculous.”

                                      - Patricia Lawrence, M.S.W.

This system changes lives. It can change your life.

Writer's block—whether over a novel, a dissertation, or a report—is agony. So is wanting to write but not knowing how to fit that desire into the demands of the rest of your life.

Both conditions are completely unnecessary.

With this system, you will never fear or be crippled by writer's block again. Or languish under an inability to find the time to write.

“This works: A few hours with Jerry Mundis got me back to writing on a productive daily schedule—and kept me there.”

                                       - Patrick Trese
                                          TV Writer-Producer
                                          NBC, CBS, and A&E

“What I never expected was how, after months of high anxiety whenever I passed by the computer, I would be so quickly and completely released. In a matter of hours, Jerry freed me to resume my work. I'm sure he can do it for almost anyone at any time. I continue to apply his techniques on a daily basis.”

                                       - Janet Capron
                                          Graduate Student
                                          Columbia University 

This system makes the difference.

The Seminar

Part I: The Concepts





Part II: The Techniques



                          Creating Reliable
                               & Productive
                               Work Schedules

                          Soft, Firm & Hardcore

                          The Atom Bomb


End forever l
ost days, weeks, months, or even years. End the struggle to bring yourself to sit down to write. End the growing file of unfinished manuscripts.

“After three dreary months of staring at a blank computer screen, a single afternoon with Jerry Mundis broke down the barriers that were keeping me from starting my novel. He offers a gentle yet disciplined approach to making the words flow productively.”

                                       - Wendy Lowe
                                          Contributor to Esquire, The Atlantic 
                                          and Other Magazines

“I often refer to Jerry as my writing therapist.”

                                        - Rick Fields
                                           Author of Chop Wood, Carry Water;
                                           How the Swans Came to the Lake

                                           and Other Books

“One day I got lucky, and found Jerry Mundis. He is unsurpassed as a teacher." 

                                       - Matt Braun
                                          Golden Spur Award winner
                                          Author of 43 Novels & Nonfiction Books

Now available and now affordable.

No longer only for people who can work with me personally in New York.

And no longer only for those who can pay the $1,495 that is my fee for a private consultation.

Less than the cost
 of a night out.

And Guaranteed

Do you know a teacher, therapist—or anyone else, for that matter—who'll guarantee to break writer's block for you in a single session?  

Or five? Or even fifty?

And guarantee that you'll never fall victim to it again?

If so, take them up on it.

If not, take me up on it.

I offer you an unconditional money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with this seminar and this system you can return it for a full refund. I will return your money to you immediately. Period. 

All you can lose is block—and that you're guaranteed to lose.  

I will also include with your order a Free Bonus File:
One full hour of 

Questions & Answers
 and a brief concept review
 recorded live with me in seminar. 

Your seminar —along with your free bonus file—will be sent to you in MP3 format by email in less than 24 hours.


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ONLY $39.95!


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 Your satisfaction is guaranteed unconditionally!
 (If you are not completely satisfied with this seminar
 you can return it for a full, immediate refund.)

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“Very simply, I would not be a writer today without Jerry Mundis." 

                                       - Paul Wisenthal
                                          Contributor to The New York Times,
                                          USA Today, Parade, Newsday

                                          and Other Publications


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